ShowHow is an interactive VR platform that helps people learn skills for real life situations while keeping a record of performance

Records & Compliance

Measure performance to manage learning and prove compliance.

On demand Training

On demand short courses to keep your learners up to speed.

All Major Platforms

Available as a smartphone/ tablet app or on your desktop browser.

Self service

Turn your existing training into a unique and interactive exercises

Works with your LMS

SCORM, Tincan and xApi ready for your Learning Management System

Stable and secure

Secure Private Virtual Cloud hosting of your sensitive training information.

What can ShowHow do for you?

Learning is changing. The traditional methods of irregular and intensive classroom training are expensive, inefficient and can leave learners forgetting crucial information.

We support your training by delivering on demand short courses that are available via mobile phones with low cost Virtual Reality headsets, tablets and desktop computers. Our products are designed to close the gap between the classroom and the real world, enabling familiarisation and learning at the same time.

Case Studies

ShowHow is used by a wide range of organisations who better train their people to keep them safe and ready to do their job.

Dept of Corrections

Train Probation Officers on safer home visits, highlighting risk mitigation processes

Air New Zealand

AirNZ Aviation College show trainees around the facilities and highlight safety features

NZ Defence Force

The NZDF uses ShowHow in a blended learning strategy focused on capability enhancement

Housing NZ

ShowHow has turned HNZ’s existing asbestos recognition training into a VR training tool


Use ShowHow to demonstrate onboarding and passenger services

Porirua City Council

Use ShowHow to demonstrate health and safety procedures in council facilities

Parliamentry Services

Offer new MPs and Visitors a VR experience that highlights the features of the buildings


Have a range of products including tools to show the features of new carriages and best practice

How it works

ShowHow is a VR Training Tool platform - you supply the knowledge, we provide a way to transfer that knowledge

Decide the outcomes

The first stage is deciding the learning outcomes - what do you want your learners to understand?
What are the key components of any process that should be committed to memory?
What hazards and safety features do learners need to be aware of?

The best place to start is a clear list of learning outcomes and priorities and what evidence we can collect that demonstrates clear transfer of knowledge and comprehension.

Capture the scenarios

A ShowHow shoot is a simple, non-intrusive procedure taking place in your real work environments. 360 VR video and photos puts learners inside the actual environment where they’ll be required to complete tasks. We record with team members who know the subject matter.

We work with you to gather requirements, plan shoots, record voiceovers and produce reusable content required to produce VR Training modules.

Design the module

We arrange the content into comprehensive course modules. Interactive VR content with voiceovers to explain processes. We add tasks to test comprehension and allow progress. Content can be maintained and updated using our cloud based administration system.

We combine scenarios with learning outcomes to design new ways to show your learners how it should be done.

Deliver the training

Your learners access the modules via your Learning Management System, A Mobile App or a web browser. Virtual Reality is done using their mobile phones with a low cost VR headset. A range of activities complete the course and results are stored in your LMS or our records system.

We deliver short, high impact learning experiences designed to give the learner a sense of what this situation is going to feel like in the real world.

Assess the results

Once we’ve delivered the course we can see how our modules are performing. You can get an email each time someone completes a course. We can run customised reports that show you who has completed a task and how they got on. We can analyse tasks that people get stuck on or gaps in information and go back and update the modules to make adjustments.

However you want you information, we’ll deliver tools that give you a complete picture of your learners progress and allow you to make good decisions on what your learners need.